• Referent: Castelhana LTDA
  • Адрес: Rua do Carmo 15 - 3º Esq., 1200 Lisboa Португалия
  • Телефон: +351966007777
  • Факс: +351966007777
  • мобильных: +351966007777
  • Электронная почта:
Castelhana is a portuguese real estate agency established in 1999 that is specialized in the launching of prime residential developments in Lisbon. We provide full business brokerage services specialized in investment and residential real estate. We have launched some of the most relevant developments in Lisbon, such as the Twin Towers, Villa Restelo, Campolide Gardens, Metrocity, Condominium of Nations, Platinium, Benfica Stadium, Mudi, Freedom 12, Restauradores 72, São Paulo 55 and 32, Boavista 38, Liberdade 71, 8 Building, Boavista 62, Aúrea 72, Ouro Grand, Ribeira 11, One D. Carlos I, among others. We always kept fruitful relationships with both traditional and institutional investors as well as with domestic and international investment funds. Currently, about 75% of our clients are foreign nationals and we have already completed over 300 Golden Visa and non-habitual resident processes.
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